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ElectroITSolutions, is an Australian based software development firm is a great name in the industry. We have lots of gratified and global customers from different parts of the world specifically from USA, Australia and Asia. We have team of experts, who work to satisfy your all demands at affordable rate. We work with an aim to provide highly sophisticated and user-friendly services and business solutions to our customers according to the needs of emerging world. In current era, software and information technologies have great importance in the business world. These technologies help you to easily spread words about your business products.

We have highly qualified team to provide most productive services to our customers in smaller amount of time to easily compete with the competitive environment of market. We have competition at global level, therefore it is important for us to provide sophisticated and quality services as well as products to our dear customers. Quality is major concern for our company, and we always put stress on the development of quality products. Quality is most important than quantity for us, therefore we follow different set of processes to provide quality products on right time.

Do not hesitate to share your service provision methods with customers to satisfy their own needs and standards. At this organization, our great team members are working day and night to provide best outcomes to our customers according to their imaginations.

We want to be a leader for all electronic media and technology by developing most excellent products in this field. We want to get excellence in all fields therefore we offer most reliable and cost effective services to our customers.

We have plenty of resources to handle all new projects and all solutions are suggested to our customers in economic way. We can provide most effective results to our beloved customers just because of an efficient team.

We offer our services through proper channel and in order to access all services you have to use reliable and frequently used method. We have experts to control business and customer relations. We believe in long term but good relations therefore we have lots of foreign clients from different countries.

Novated Lease Surprising Benefits

Surprising Benefits of a Novated Lease

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Novated leases are increasingly becoming popular in Australia these days because of the benefits they offer employers and employees. A novated lease is a way of financing vehicles. It is an agreement that involves the financing company, the employer, and employee, where the employer takes responsibility for the novated lease on behalf of the employee. Usually, an employer pays on behalf of his or her employee and makes deductions from the pre-tax income of the employee. Terms of a novated lease may differ slightly depending on the underlying circumstances. A typical novated lease contract requires a company to pay and guarantee the residual value of a car for the term of the agreement. A split novated lease requires the employee to guarantee the car’s value when the lease period expires. Australia is the leading country of the novated leases and a popular introducer includes Stratton Finance https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/ because this type of contract is popular there.

Advantages of a novated lease
A novated lease is an excellent way for employees to incorporate a car into their salary package. In other words, an employee secures the novated lease, but his or her employer makes the necessary monthly lease payments out of the employee’s salary through a novated contract. Also, the lease agreement enables employers to take up the car payments as well as maintenance costs from the pre-tax salary of the employee. That reduces the taxable salary of the employee, which in turn cuts the amount of tax income the employee will pay.

A novated lease also offers an employee more flexibility than any other form of car acquisition with the car selection. An employee has the chance to own the vehicle even after the expiry of the current novated lease, begin a new agreement, or pay out the current lease agreement. Besides, since you own the car and the lease contract is in your name, you control the kind of care and maintenance that will be offered to your vehicle as well as how you want to use it.

Employers too enjoy benefits from a novated lease https://www.strattonfinance.com.au/novated-lease . It offers them a simple and effective technique of adding value to the salary package of their employees. A novated lease also impacts positively on the recruitment and staff retention for employers. Employers don’t have to run a fleet of company vehicles because employees have the chance to own their cars. Also, employers don’t carry the obligation of paying payments for an employee who has left their organization. Consequently, employers are relieved the time consuming and costly burden of managing and getting rid of the fleet of cars left behind.

The beauty of a novated lease is that it doesn’t have risks like other car financing methods. Employees can choose their desired car model. If an employee leaves a company, the novated lease agreement is no longer a responsibility of the employer.

Car Loans Rates Rising. Consequences?

Car Loan Rates Rising. What Doe This Mean for Car Finance?

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The record low interest rates that have undergirded many large asset purchases over the past ten years may be ending! The Reserve Bank raised the base interest rate in 2017 – three separate times. All signs point to the Fed raising that rate again in 2018, and possibly more than once.

The average 60 month loan will likely rise somewhere in the range of 0.10 to 0.20 percent,if you are to believe the stats that come from the Statista website. This spike in interest rates could force some would be car buyers to extend their loan period out a year or even longer.

If car dealerships see more people stretching out their Stratton Finance Car Loan periods, this is a sign to raise prices. If the monthly payments are lower, they believe they can sneak in a higher price overall. This will affect you no matter the length of time that you choose to take out a loan. There will be other aspects of financing that you need to look out for in the very near future.

First of all, no one knows how much the RBA will raise the total rate once everything is said and done. Some estimates put the total rise in the interest rate at a full base point, which would add thousands of dollars to a loan over its full life. You can also expect the rate on credit cards to move up immediately once the rate is raised by the RBA. This would definitely affect your buying power if you plan on putting any of the financing for your car on a credit card.

The tax legislation that was recently signed into law may also affect interest rates negatively over the meddle term. Although many people are expected to have more money this year, that extra money in the economy could serve as the very catalyst that the Fed needs to raise the interest rate. This would mean a net loss over the life of the average car loan. The longer that the loan was out, the more money that a buyer would lose.

Overall, you should look to shorten the length of your Mazda Finance at Stratton as much as possible. The writing seems to be on the wall when it comes to the record low interest rates that we have been seeing over the past decade. It is time to shore up finances and come up with as big of a down payment as possible if you are looking for a car in the next few years.

The Basics Of A Novated Lease

The Basics Of A Novated Lease

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Most employers around the world, at least in developed countries with plenty of money to go around, offer two primary forms of compensation:

  • Financial – Typically takes the form of wages, salaries, bonuses, etc.
  • Nonfinancial – These are usually benefits packages, including compensatory rewards like health insurance, paid time off, and novated leases.

Australia, one of many countries with citizens typically offered opportunities at a novated lease, is unique in the sense its employers are the most common sources of the novated lease in today’s world.

What Is A Novated Lease?

First off, a Stratton Finance Novated Lease is an agreement in which something is loaned from the owner, or lessor, to the renter, or lessee. When it comes to vehicles, lease agreements typically have set mile limits and other strict terms, at the end of which vehicles are returned to their lessors.

A novated lease is a deal in which an employer uses its financial wherewithal to command the lease of a vehicle in an employee’s name. The term “novated” means, more or less, the employer is the party that secures the lease agreement, then passes it on – or “novates” – it to an employee.

Why Employees Enjoy Their Novated Lease Agreements

Not every employee seeks out a novated lease. Some people even go for a Car Finance Stratton Toyota Finance – purchasing is often a better option – though those interested in leasing vehicles will almost always opt for a novated lease.

Vehicle maintenance, insurance premiums, and fuel are all included in lease repayments, and taken directly out of wages and salary that employees are compensated with. Because it’s taken out before taxes are, vehicles leased are effectively cheaper than if employees decided to lease vehicles on their own.

Unlike other benefits, namely health insurance, novated lease agreements can readily be transferred from one employer to another, and even end up in the hands of those employees signed to one.

When employers agree to take responsibilities for their workers’ novated lease plans, such responsibilities only last as long as their employees’ employment terms.

Employers also tend to offer highly attractive benefits alongside their novated lease agreements, the most popular of which are roadside assistance plans and fees associated with purchasing the vehicle in question.

Workers get benefits that other leases don’t always offer, in terms of modifying their vehicles, as long as they increase the value of vehicles in question. They can by safety packs that include accessories and aftermarket parts that beef up driver safety, as well as window tinting.

Why Pick A Novated Lease?

Why To Pick A Novated Lease

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What pops to mind when you think of Oz?

The Land Down Under is home to many things, though one think you’re probably not thinking of is the Novated Lease Stratton Finance

What’s A Novated Lease?

Worthy of note is that the United Kingdom’s employers sometimes use the novated lease, although most instances of novated lease utilization comes in Australia.

A lease is an agreement, typically agreed to for a static amount of time, in which assets being rented are returned to the lessor (renter) following the lease’s end.

Novated lease agreements are ones offered primarily by Australian employers, in which they take financial responsibility for a vehicle their employee wants to lease. The employee gets to drive the vehicle they wish until lease end.

Why Bother With Going Through An Employer?

Millions of people lease cars every year in Australia. So, why bother with one’s employer as an intermediary between a vehicle lease and the employee?

Many people choose a novated lease, given their employers offer such a benefit, because leases through employers are cheaper, in effect, because payments are taken out of pre-tax dollars. Doesn’t make sense?

Let’s say a novated lease through someone’s employer on a 2001 ABC Defer (totally fictional car) costs $1,000 per month. An employee finds a 2001 ABC Defer in identical condition on their own, for just $925 per month.

If someone earns just 37,000 in Australian Dollars, the effective tax rate is 9.65 percent. So, the novated lease, which almost always offers more benefits to lessees than if they signed a lease outside of work, is paid before taxes.

37,000 – 12,000 = 25,000 in pay after the lease is paid.

Let’s take taxes out, then pay the employee’s lease outide of work.

37,000 – 3,570.50 = 33,429.50 after taxes.

33,429 – (925 * 12) = 22,329 in take-home pay. And that’s not even considering sales tax of roughly 10 percent that’s added on to every lease payment.

The Many Benefits Of A Novated Lease

As already covered, there aren’t any sales taxex enacted on the payment of novated lease agreements. The same goes for any gasoline, insurance premiums, and maintenance fees that Toyota Finance Stratton car drivers can never avoid.

Employers are able to get their corporate hands on just about any vehicle imaginable, given you’re in a position to reasonably pay for it. They have tons more money to go around than virtually every individual in Australia – or whatever country in question – does. Better vehicles come through the novated lease process

What A Novated Lease Is

Here’s What A Novated Lease Really Is

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Why do people work? Work provides a sense of belonging, satisfaction, and reward – although work isn’t exactly fun whenever people are hard at work – for many. However, a majority of people with jobs wouldn’t go to work for the above three feelings – that’s for sure.

Virtually everyone works to earn enough money to support themselves financially. However, employees also provide another type of compensation outside of money – well, really a few different kinds of non financial compensation – that make up what’s known as benefit packages.

Lots of employers offer health insurance, matched retirement accounts, gym memberships, paid travel, being able to work from home, paid time off, and the list goes on.

Although people do not generally have enough money to pay off something like a mortgage or car, such as the Car Loans at Stratton Finance that people commonly apply for, Australia is lucky enough to be the world’s capital of employers that offer novated lease agreements.

The Definition Of A Novated Lease Agreement

Many things in life are leased. However, the term “novated lease” almost always refers to leasing a car. Here are the basics of a novated lease, in simple terms:

  • Employer is responsible for paying the financier directly. Outside of a negligible amount of paperwork, employers don’t do much, at all, outside of remitting payments to the intermediary.
  • Employee agrees to take a lower salary for a leased vehicle.
  • Financier – an intermediary between employer and employee that handles payments and other money business – is responsible for collecting payments, enforcing late fees and delinquencies, and keeping records of financial progress towards payment completion.

And if you were looking for the true definition of a novated lease … To novate means to replace one party with another. In the case of Australia’s popular novated lease agreements, novation occurs when the involved employer takes responsibility of paying the financier and filling initial paperwork out; in traditional two-party lease agreements, the lessee is responsible for these burdens.

What Do Parties Involved In Novated Lease Agreements Derive From Such?

Employees’ central benefit of having a novated lease agreement is the tax benefits. Because payments are taken out of before-tax income, the cost of any vehicle obtained through a novated lease is effectively lower for the employee.

Organizations that offer novated leases such as the Novated Lease at Stratton Finance like doing so because employees tend to act with greater appreciation and loyalty; such lease agreements come at virtually zero additional cost, even though employees garner significant financial benefits because of them; and responsibility for the vehicle under novated lease agreement reverts to the employee if that person quits their position.

What A Car Loan Interest?

What Is An Interest In Regards To Car Loans?

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An interest is a fee that you will be required to pay in addition to the Car Loan Stratton Finance loan amount that you received from a financier. The interest you are required to pay on a car loan can differ from one lender to the other. Most financiers who provide vehicle loans in Australia will only charge you a simple interest, implying that you will only pay interest on the principal amount you owe them.

Factors that determine the interest rate of a car loan
The following factors will affect the interest rate on your car loan.
• Your credit score: Your credit score is likely to affect the interest rate of your loan. If your credit score is low, financiers are likely to charge you a high interest rate. If you have a high credit score, on the other hand, you can negotiate with your financier for a lower interest rate.

• The car loan’s tenure: The duration that it will take you to repay the car loan in full will also affect the interest rate. Most financial institutions will charge a higher interest rate for shorter loan tenure and a lower interest rate for loans with long tenure.

• Car age and model: If you want to finance a new car, financiers might be willing to charge you a slightly lower interest rate. If you are financing a used car, however, the interest rate charged by a financial institution might be slightly higher. Car models that are known for durability are also likely to attract a slightly lower interest rate compared to models that are less durable.

• Amount of loan that you are seeking: If you want to pay a low interest rate for your loan, you should consider partial financing for your vehicle. If you want the car loan to finance your vehicle fully, financiers might charge you a higher interest.

How to keep a car loan’s interest low
You can keep your interest rate low through a number of interventions. Below are some of the steps that you can take to keep the interest rate on a car loan low.

• You should ensure that you have a high credit score: A good credit history convinces your financiers that you are creditworthy. Financiers charge creditworthy individuals a lower interest rate.

• Offer a huge deposit: Providing a huge deposit as part of financing your Stratton Mazda Finance car can help you keep the interest rate low.

• Ensure that your loan has a longer loan tenure: Financiers tend to charge low interests on loans with long tenures.